Creating aim icons

You have…

<a href="aim:BuddyIcon?src=location/image.gif"><img src="location/image.gif"></a>

location shouldn’t be there unless it is a directory name on your sever. location is supposed to be replaced by the location of your image. So something like this should work (if the image.gif is in the same folder as the .html file with the link)…

<a href="aim:BuddyIcon?src=image.gif"><img src="image.gif"></a>


now you said that the location shouldnt be there unless its a spot on the server. im ganna try using my offlin local serv. that should work when i prev it. the only reason that i dont “use the one that works” is because the one that does, has the hulks site line code in the mix and…you know what im getting brain knots lol ill be back lemme try again

and thank you all laters ill holl back:crazy:

well after messing around ive come to the conclusion that it can only be tested from an online location on the serv like lostinbeta said up top [kool name by the way] . cause the only dif bet my line or our line rather and the one i get online from other sites is that theirs has an online src. ill putting up a site soon so i guess ill test it there. thank you all fellas and ill catch yall problem crossroads


aku aka somdow

hope it works out for ya man