Creating aim icons

now i know how to create aim icons right but my ? is
how can i make it so that when ppl click on a link that it autoamtically launches aim and installs itself as the aim icon

aim:BuddyIcon?src=url here

sorry but how do i apply this in a link

<a href="aim:BuddyIcon?src=location/image.gif"><img src="location/image.gif"></a>

That should do it

It has to be .ico format I do believe.

nope, it doesnt
they just use regular old pictures just like the avatars here

Thats not what I am talking about, for them to install on a click, and bring up the Preferences menu, I think its gotta be .ico

no i dont think so either…

nope, it can be .gif or .jpg and I think it can be .ico, never tried that extention. Just has to be smaller than 7 kb or so… and 50x50 pxls

It’s actually 48x48 :-\ I thought it was 50x50 before until I loaded an icon of mine that used scanlines and they got kind of funky and I read a thing on creating buddy icons and it said it takes a 48x48 icon, so I changed my size and it worked fine. If the file size meets the requirement I believe AIM will scale your image up or down to fit it to 48x48.

oh yeah. 48x48… good catch…

Oh yeah, and you can use .gif, .jpg, .ico, .bmp, and .xbm (have no clue what that is, but you can use it)

monochromatic bitmap … ive never used it before…

Hmm, thanks for that link Jubba, great info there :slight_smile:

ur sure you can make the link with a .jpg or .gif or whatever and itll install itself?

oh and go to and it will have links that install it, go and check teh source code

below is a straight rip of the site.

<a href=“aim:BuddyIcon?src=”> <img src=“my page src4 the pic here.gif”></a> click the box this one brings the opt… heres the code: a href=“aim:BuddyIcon?src=”> img src=“my page src4 the pic here.gif”, /a

i left the tags open cause i dunno how to add them without taking effect.

now exept for the http location , whats the diff bet this line of code above and the one posted by xxviii up top which was: a href=“aim:BuddyIcon?src=location/image.gif” img src=“location/image.gif”

<a href=“aim:BuddyIcon?src=location/image.gif”><img src=“location/image.gif”></a>this one opens aim but no the install opt

reason i ask is because when i put 2 imgs on my html editor and i aplied these codes at the same time to the 2 imgs, xxviiis’ code opens aim but doesnt bring up the opt to install but the other one does???

any thoughts???

because neither of them are showing up?
or because your trying to run the bottom one from “location” on which probably doesnt exist

you probably just need to have the whole address in there or something

try again on those images, the action still takes effect, i edited the mssg

any thoughts???

try putting your code in again except use the tags [ PHP ] and [/ PHP ] without the spaces and I’ll try to see what’s up

Hey aku, I’m goin to bed now, sorry, but if one works, and one doesn’t, then just use the one that works;)

but if you are still having problems and someone hasnt answered you by the morning I’ll definately try to help you out