Creating an Object from text input

I’m trying to build an object object from input text. I can load the information into a variable using LoadVar with no problem but when I load that information into an object ( object {}:wink: Flash does not recognize the object as on object.

Any ideas?

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object is a key word and is the basic building block for a large amount of flash. name it something else.

I guess that my example is not clear. I am using the object initializer which has the syntax of object {};
and I am trying to get my input string e.g.


into an object so that I can reference

instr.prop1, etc, and get the value of the properties

Does this make sense?

Well, if I understand what you’re trying to do, you want to loadVars into an object, right?

    // etc.

This should work, I think.

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That’s it!