Creating basic 3D objects in Flash CS4

OK, excuse me if it looks like I’m asking for directions to something I should be able to find pretty easily on my own; but I’ve hit a bit of a coding dead-end, and could do with pointing in the right direction.

I’ve started using the 3D capabilities of Flash CS4 recently, particularly with respect to transforming the rotation and translation properties of movie clips with AS3. Which is fine for planar shapes, but I want to know how to create true 3D objects that I can similarly manipulate. The problem is, that although there are plenty of excellent toturials covering simple changes in X, Y and Z properties, there seems to be a distinct lack of tutorials explaining in simple terms how to go about creating, say, a basic cube that can be displayed and transformed dynamically. Adobe’s Flash CS4 help files mention prespective projection and the Matrix3D object, but I don’t find these section particularly clear.

What I would like to do, for starters, is create a simple cube to which I can apply x, y and z axis transformations in the same way I can to movie clips. Is this something I should be able to accomplish quite simply? And if so, can someone offer some hints or point me in the direction of a tutorial/article that explains how to do it in simple terms?

Thanks very much to anyone who can get me kick-started on this topic.