Creating browse folder button in flash mx

hi all

im trying to do an experiment type thing which involves making some type of windows media player equivilant in flash mx.
so basically, i want to know if anybody can give me any help on how to create the browse button which will enable the user to load up music files from his or shes hard drive and then play them on the flash movie file?
the music player will be as simple as having a play, stop, skip +, skip -, PAUSE. aswell as having the browse buttong and maybe visulisation changes.

can anyone help plz

thnx :slight_smile:

balroo :ogre:

I think that’s a javascript function and not a flash function.

Try using the search button.


search for “yamzbrowser”…

hi el phantom

i know that its a javascript but im sure that it can be implemented with in flash mx.

eyezberg…i did a search but nothing came up?!?