Creating Bulleted Lists with symbols?

Wondering if this is possible, but from what I can tell, it’s probably not. \r\rI have a dynamic text box that imports a list of links from an external text file. Now, is there any way I can create a bulleted list of these links using a symbol that is in the swf AS THE BULLET? \r\rfor example, \r\rfor (i=0; i<numLinks; i++) { \r _ _ temp = eval(""+i); \r _ _ fullText = " <a href=“http://” + temp + “”>"; \r} \r\rI want to add a symbol I have in my swf before each link, so it would be after “”. I would probably have to use DuplicateMovie or attachMovie to create each instance of a symbol, but I do not know how to make it appear in the fullText and make it match for every line. \r\rAny help is appreciated, even if to say it’s not possible :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks! \r-chris

I’m not 100% sure if i get you. How about this though.\rGrab the _y of the Textbox and duplicate the symbol (as a mc) using a static _x and dynamic _y coord. If you don’t want it visible, _visible = false;\r\rI’m doing something very similar (i think). Let me know and I’ll help further if i can. goto and log in as test/test. Choose to edit a job, select one from the list, and go to the Category tab. [email protected] if this a good example, and I can help.