Creating carrier movie for loaded swf for seamless (pausless) loading

I’ve noticed a lot of sites will play a carrier movie that will play immediately upon the click of a button, and that movie will load a specified swf.

They do this of course so that people won’t be wondering what’s going on while the swf loads.

The best example of this, and what I would like to model my site after, is the content window system of

I’ve spend almost a week on this, and I’ve broken down and asked for some help.

I have my menu, with 5 instances of one button, all with different text boxes over them. Each of the button has a parameter for an on(release) gotoandplay sequence.

the gotoandplay command tells my 1 of my 5 instances (only 2 so far) of carrier movies to play the second frame, and out pops a little draggable carrier window, which has an action in the last frame to load the appropriate remote swf complete with a loading bar.

my trouble is loading the local carrier movies. If you’ve been to you’ll notice that all of the content windows appear incrementally 5 pixels right and 5 pixels down from the previously loaded one. They also appear in a layer just above the one loaded before this. I suppose I could do this with a global variable, but I have other problems. With the way I have it now, unless I move the instances of the carrier movie, I have no way to control where the movies go, because they are currently manually placed on the _root. The other problem is that I have no way of controlling which one overlaps the other. The loadmovie script seems to only work for remote movies, so I always get an error when I try to load a movie in my local library to the _root.

Is there a tutorial, or series of tutorials out there that will help me with this. All I can ever find is the plain old loadmovie script.

Thank you,