Creating clickable clips inside a gallery

I’d like to ask for help on this here thing. I’ve got a sliding gallery that loads images through xml. there’s a loop that checks the xml and creates a named movieclip for each image. so far so good.

thing is, each one of the images in this sliding gallery are supposed to work as buttons that will open a larger version of the image. I tried to make the images “clickable” and tested that with a trace indicating the image number. this is my code:

*for (var i = 0; i<allImages.length; i++) {

//goes through all images in the xml file
var currentImage = allImages* *.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;

//creates clip for each one
var slideItem = _root.mouros_mc.windowMouros_mc.slideMouros_mc.cre ateEmptyMovieClip(“slideItem”+i, i);

//makes each clip clickable and displaying the item’s number
_root.mouros_mc.windowMouros_mc.slideMouros_mc[“slideItem”+i].onMouseDown = function(){
trace("you’ve pressed item " + i);



nothing happens, though. it doesn’t trace and I can’t get it working…
please help!

thanks in advance