Creating DSNless Connection Strings and OLE DB errors in ASP

My Site ( involves the use of a developmental database connection. This is the first attempt and I am using a Custom Connection String and the Server.MapPath method of identifying the database.\r\rI am fairly sure that my database folder permissions are correct as the folder was created by my Supplier. There is perhaps still a problem with my ASP coding and am wondering if I need to define the PROVIDER parameter.\r\rmy code follows…\r"Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("\bytesp\data\aka_messager.mdb")\r\rAs you will see if you navigate to the ‘chat-room’, log in as ‘body’ password ‘beirut’ and try to add your own message.\r\rThere is a problem only with writing to the database, existing fields and data are being shown by the ASP.\r\rGetting more and more lost!\r\rDylan

Hey Dylan,\rI really am not sure what the answer to your problem would be. I have no real knowledge of ASP to help solve your question :frowning: Sorry!\r\rCheers,\rKirupa