Creating Links Between Folders

So I have been thinking about this issue of the href pointer. So if we have the following hierarchy where one folder contains - one page + 3 folders each with one page like this -


then, if we have the link “omega” in any of the 3 bottom folders, then we will have an href=../
However, if we have a link from one of the 3 bottom folders to a page also in one of the 3 bottom folders, then we have (if we are on the timex.html page and want to get to the bulova.html page) an
Is this the right line of reasoning?

I don’t think I quite get what the bottom folders are, but you’re right with the timex to bulova example. ../ let’s you navigate up from the current folder to it’s parent folder. Then from there you can get to other sibling folders (e.g. FANCY) by name.

Thanks! I admit to having a lot of difficulty with this concept but I think I see it now. So the idea then is that for the 3 lower folders we have to go up a level in order to then specify one of those folders in our href. You can’t just specify a folder directly without going up a level first and yet that is the way I first thought the solution to the problem lay - just specify the folder. But I am good now - thanks for your insight.

This is a tricky subject (like many things with web development haha). I wrote an article on this that may help clarify some details further @John_Stern:


Excellent article! That makes things very clear especially with the graphics. Thanks!

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