Creating Pixel animations in Flash MX 2004

Hey everyone…

First time posting in here…

Im working on a site right now and i’m JUST getting back into Flash (last version I used was Flash 4) I know…HORRIBLE!

Anyway, I feel pretty caught up now, but I’m trying to figure out the best plan of attack is for my new portfolio site. I was the whole thing to be done in flash but I dont feel comfortable in doing pixel animations in Flash. Im used to using ImageReady.,ffffff,648,648,JPG

^^^ an example of what I mean, except mine wont be static ^^^

My landscape is going to serve as my navigation controls…in different parts of my scene, im going to have small animations going on (ie. someone walking through the park), then when you roll over each one it will say “Contact Page” or an appropriate title rollover.

Can anyone offer some words of wisdom as to making this as pain-free as possible??

Thanks for the help guys. Also, any links to tutorials or other info would be very much appreciated!