Creating sub-navigation: how to?

hi, you can see what i’ll be referring to by going to:

the problem i have:
i have created a site that navigates fine. It starts at Begin.swf - my nav bar is located there. Each new swf loads into Begin.swf, and fits snugly within that container movie (all entering at Level 50), just below the nav bar.

However, now i want to make a sub-navigation and can’t. From Viductions.swf, i can’t load TroubleShooting.swf and GettingStarted.swf unless it’s the exact same size as Viductions.swf and replaces it at level 50.

i don’t want to use the “getURL” script i’ve currently resorted to.

how can i combine my current navigation with a sub-navigation, allowing me to eliminate making TroubleShooting and GettingStarted appear in a new window? is there script that will essentially say:
[INDENT] [LEFT]"we have left Begin.swf and are now bouncing around within the sub-navigation (the Viductions part of the site). We’ve viewed the viduction examples. Now let’s return to the main section of the site that contains the “about us; contact us; resume; home; viductions[main page of viductions]”.
[/INDENT][LEFT]Can anyone point me to a tutorial that explains this? or spell it out for me here in the Kirupa forum? thank you![/LEFT]