Creating tiles in as 2.0 effiently, How?

First of All, I want to thanks Kirupa and all involved in this site to the great source of wisdom.

Well, I was reading the great tonypa tile games tutorial, and Im stuck in a simple problem, can someone help me?

The following code was written for flash 5, and does not work good in flash 8:

*for (var i = 0; i < mapHeight; ++i){
for (var j = 0; j < mapWidth; ++j) {
var name = “t_”+i+"_"+j;
game[name]= new game[“Tile”+map
game.clip.attachMovie(“tile”, name, i100+j2);
game.clip[name]._x = (j*game.tileW); **

(and so on…)

the problem that I cannot understend is this var name, it does not work in flash 8. What class it must be?