Creating Vectors for BitmapData


I’ve created a simple isometric tile engine using bitmap data which I am very happy with. Each tile acts as an object to tell whether it is walkable etc.

Since each time is just a object and has no visual representation (bitmapData is doing all that work) I need to think of a way to make each tile clickable so I can return the tiles data. I was told the best way of doing this would be to create a vector for each tile so that when the user clicks, we run through each vector to see if the mouse coordinates fall inside of it.

a) Is this the best way of handling this? I don’t want to use movieclips / sprites for my tiles since bitmapData is a lot faster.

b) Can anyone point me to tutorials / examples of how I can go about attaching vector areas to my tile objects?

Best Regards

Thanks for the replies guys, I got what I needed.