Creative Zen Touch

So Creative claim to have ‘started war’ with Apple over the MP3 players, despite Apple having, what, 4 million sale head start with the iPod alone (chuck on more sales if you include the iPod Mini, iPod Photo and U2 iPod). Apple has a fan/user base across the world, I dont think Creative is going to be able to beat it, actually, I dont think anyone is. What makes Creative (or anyone for that matter) think that people are just going to drop their iPods and trot off to the shops to buy something else? They will never be able to overtake Apple without all the iPod users ‘on their side’, which aint gonna happen, I see about 15 people wil iPods per day, I swear like half the people at my college/school have them, I rarely see anyone with an MP3 player that isnt an iPod.

The Zen Touch (crappy name aswel) looks like an iPod rip-off, and that scroll pad thing looks terrible, no where near as good as the iPod scroll wheel.

However, it does look pretty good, and the battery life seems pretty descent (although it will only last the full time if you listen to your tunes at 128kbs, I always have mine at 192 or higher).

Id buy one, but I have 2 iPods already, plus I love Apple.