Credit card systems

ok I got a meeting with clients in a few hours and I know they’re gonna ask me about credit card payments online…

Now they have 2 options, to do credit card payments themselves or use paypal.

I called paypal and how it works is that you (the seller) recieve an email to tell you that payment has been made. I was hoping for something you could hook a database up to but no, it’s an email. So at the end of the day you gotta go through your database and manually (unless you do a small app) change paid from no to yes…am I right, anyone know another way?

Second option is to buy an SSL, create a database and stick both on their server. This way they then have the credit card details and they process them to recieve payment…what can they do with the details once they have them?

Is there a third option I’ve missed?
If anyone has worked with these kinda systems before any info would be appreciated…thanks :beam: