Critique and Experts needed!

I could tell you right now!

The carpet (or conveyor belt) isn’t actually rolling, but the little dashes move along to make it look like it’s rolling. That’s accomplished with a simple motion tween with a guide so that it hugs the belt’s surface. Add a couple of rolling wheels and the effect is accomplished!

And ofcourse, the thing rolls on command using the “tellTarget” function.

Ok, so please go to this post :…=444.topic
I explain my problem a little bit better…

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Thanks for quoting me in your site !!

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I have to get that * conveyor belt* (* rolling carpet* sounds better) to work !! This is making me crazysensei !!

Hey did you check out my responses to that other thread? I didn’t hear from you anymore after that… so I’m not sure if you need additional help.

Yes I got it. Actually I didn’t try that hard to have it working. Darn exams !!
I’ll try after that.


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well an exclllent site a very good job
keep up the good work
by any chance can u guide me as to how can i get the text scroller with the scroll bar can u guide me to some tutorial i am in need of that very badly

Sure! Here you go:…ndex.shtml

thanx a lot for the link i think thatz really going to help me
thanx again

Just did a pretty big overhaul on the site. If you check it out again, you won’t notice a difference, but it’s running much more efficiently in the backend. There are no anim tweens and everything is running on Actionscript. Now, the main interface loads and you can play around with it while everything else loads. Plus I added a guestbook.

The guestbook’s great (I wrote the 1st post ! Génial…)
But there are a couple of things that are not as good as it used to be :
the scrolbar, I don’t like the design. It used to be so cute, now this blue scrollbar really clashes with the rest (my opinion)
the * conveyor belt* animation isn’t as smooth as it used to be. I don’t know what’s causing this (maybe the fact that you’re using scripts now ?) but it was better…

It’s still very good looking, but not as good.

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Ily: No, it didn’t sound like you don’t like the site. So you like the old textbox interface? Would it help if I changed the scrollbar to orange? I wanted it to actually have the effect of a blue pipe that slided on this silver pole… but I guess it’s not clear. Would it help if I changed the blue to orange or did you just like the shape of the old scroller?

Also, what about the sounds? This is my first time using sounds.
Does it sound ok? I’m not too crazy about the sound I chose for the conveyor belt, but it was the best one I could find that wasn’t a really enormous file.

As far as the belt anim - I’ll try to tweek the code to get it to run more smoothly. That’s the nice thing about having it scripted - I just have to adjust the speed variable!

[EDIT] Ok Ily, I just changed the scrollers to orange - does that make it any better? Do you still think I should revert back to the old text console? I also updated the scroller for the guestbook entries - is that scroller better?

What can I say ?? I mean that’s your site, so you’d better wait for other people to react, but I really liked the shape of the former textbox better. I don’t know, everything is just so angular in your site, and this text box is simply so… not angular !! Well, that’s just my opinion. SORRY !!! (I do like the dragger of the Guestbook better though :smiley: ).

And I hadn’t seen the little cloud animation the first time… Very nice. I really wonder how you got that 3 dimensional effect (and also that ever mysterious conveyor belt…)

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Hey, you know what ? I’m building a site right now, so you’ll be able to tell me everything that’s wrong with it, all right ? You’ll be my Senseï…

Yes… I know it’s your opinions and I value it. I’m now getting pretty annoyed with the new scroller too. Actually, I envisioned sort of a screen that’s not really on the wall, but it is free floating and draggable - which is why it isn’t angular. But I think I"ll change the scroller to look like the one for the guestbook.