Cropping movie

can you crop a movie like you can crop a pic in photoshop? I know you can change the movie size by going into modify document…but it crops from the bottom up…and I want to crop from the top.

Why? WEllllllll…i need to get rid of some space on the top that should never have been there and the animation on the bottom is WAY to complicated to redo…or I am lazy! lol


Well I know you can’t do that in 5.0, I would suspect not in MX either. The math of action script relies upon coordinates from the upper left corner of the movie… hence the cliping from the bottem and the right.

There’s no kind of rectangular marquee or anything like that. The best you can get is Modify - Movie Size and enter the values you’d like.

select all and scale all across all frames, move and adjust the movie size

otherwise, mask what you want to see and find some creative use for the extra space (hehe)