Cross Domain Issue

Hello there,

I have a Flash form which gets submitted to a ASP page which sends the form data to a pre-defined email address. Everything seems to work fine when I compile it on my local Windows box. The issue arises when I upload these files onto the web server.

Thing is, the SWF resides on a Linux server and the ASP script resides on a Windows server. For this I have used the “System.Security.allowDomain” method in the SWF to validate the domain address of the Windows server. And it isn’t working!

Could someone tell me where am I going wrong? Is it even possible to get it working in this manner?


The sandbox security in Flash dictates that it is the remote source that must allow access. So “System.Security.allowDomain” is to let movies from the named domain access it.

You need to put a crossdomain.xml file in the root folder of the domain associated with the ASP-server.