Cross domain question

Hey all,

I have a small question about working out cross domain issues. I have created a image gallery using the tutorial here on Kirupa. What i’m doing is calling the swf file located at into an HTML page located at The swf, xml file and image files are on The gallery works fine online but I had to hardlink the images.xml file in flash. The thing is I don’t want to do that.

eg. The Swf file called slides.swf is in the same folder as the xml file called images.xml. Now when I run the file off my hard drive it loads in the xml file and runs it.

code used as in tutorial …
xmlData.load(“images.xml”); // this works fine off drive

Now I want to use the same idea on the server. SWF file and XML file are in the same folder so you would expect this to work. Well it wont.

To get it to run I had to relink the XML file to the swf like so …

Its all good that it works but I was playing around with the idea of having many different slides avaliable. What I was planning to do was create a new folder, place in the new pics, a copy of the swf file and a new version of the XML file with the new text and images referenced in it. What I dont want to do is have to re-add a new link into flash and have to republish my SWF file.

Just in case ur wondering I have read up on the whole cross domain security issue and have followed the steps recommended to get past it. I set up the crossdomain.xml file and have set the paths in the file that I want to access the slideshow from.

Anyone with some wonderful suggestions, pointers, etc?