Crossdomain and chat server


I’ve finished a flash chat client that connect to a php script hosted in my server. The problem is that my flash file stands on a sub domain of the server and the IP used for the connection is the server IP. If I run the flash file locally, it works fine, but when I upload the flash file to the server, it stop working.

I’ve read in the Macromedia site that flash player 7 does not allow the flash movies to send and load data from a addres that is not the exact address of the domain that the flash file is in. So, as I’m in a sub domain, I can’t connect to the chat sever.

I’ve read that my solution would be a cross-domain-policy file, placed in the server root, that allow flash movie to communicate to the server. I contact my server and they said they created the crossdomain.xml file. But, it’s still not working.

To verify the created file, I typed the address “” (this is not the real IP) on a web borwser. I got “page not found”. Is the xml file unreadble from a browser or the file has not been created?

Anybody can help?