Crunch text in dynamic text


I’ve got a question I’m hoping some of you have the answer to. I’m not really much of a flash developer, but rather a small business owner that’s building my company’s site, so forgive me if this is something trivial.

On the home page, I’ve created a simple textField which I’m reading in the latest blog posting’s “title” from an xml file. That works just fine, but the unfortunate thing is that the text looks awful, very crunchy. The font is a derivation of Helvetica, “Coolvetica” to be exact. When loading into a dynamic text field, the text looks far different from the rest of the page. I can’t seem to change the textField’s thickness or sharpness via AS3, nor does changing the anti-alias settings in the GUI. After a wasted day trying to get this to look right, I’m turning to the forums for assistance. thanks