Crysis ... yikes!

Ok, so just got a new comp.

Specs are as follows:

AMD X2 6000+
NVidia 8600 GTS XXX 512
2 gig RAM
320 gig SATA
Dual Layer DVD/RW± Lightscribe
22" Samsung Widescreen

Bought Crysis because I was excited with the new comp. - Crysis tears my new comp up! I played the new NFS and Doom 3 along with WoW spec’ed out and they all handle fine …

Crysis automatically defaults to ‘Medium’ settings across the board for my machine when I hit automatic configuration for the graphics … has anyone else tried this game out on a PC and not a console - and if so any luck getting theirs to work at a better frame rate? Something I’m missing?

(I’ve downloaded and updated all the possible drivers I could find for every piece of hardware I’ve got…)

THANKS! :thumb:

It’s a sweet game but I’d like for it to play smoother if possible - or does it look like I’ve got to invest in a 8800 GTS?