[CS3/AS2] Access to loadClip properties right away?

I need access to the properties of a file I load on the next line. Specifically, trying to pull the _height and _width off of it.

I think it’s being bungled up because it’s inside a function running two (nested) for statements. Let me post up the code for you geniuses:

  for(i=0; i<someNumber; i++){
    for(r=0; r<anotherNumber; r++){
      //tn the temp var/identifier for a movieclip which
      //gets created here
      mcLoader.loadClip(this["gallery"+i].filenames_tn[r], tn);
      tn._x = tnb._x = tnm._x = spacingHolder;
      spacingHolder += tn._width + spacing;
var loader:Object = new Object();
loader.onLoadInit = function (mc){
  trace(mc._width) //this works fine

The width traces fine in the onLoadInit, but only AFTER the function that is creating and positioning the movieclips is finished running. They are nested in something of a complicated heirarchy so to save the widths in another array and then try to move them all later would be bonkers.

Again, I need the _width property off the images just loaded so that I can space them properly.