[CS3 - AS2] netconnection question

I had to give up on this portion of the project BUT…

To any here that have an interest, feel free to try things out. Following the advice I have gotten here about talking to to a flash application instead of an HTML forms I have a usable FIRST HALF of an application.

In no way is this SPAM. My application is not for sale, nor is anything else on my web site. The site is an information exchange site that should go live in approx 2 weeks so this is just a sneak peek out of gratitude to the folks here that helped me out.

You’ll need a User ID to create live VideoMail so use ( [COLOR=Red]2638[/COLOR] ) as your User ID.

Have fun. Others without a User ID can not create VideoMail but they can FORWARD VideoMail you created to send to friends & family etc… All you need is a webcam and a broadband connection to recordf.


OR if you’d just like to see an example of how it works try watching a VideoMail I recorded using this applicatrion.


Sorry the Tutorial is out of date but I’ll have it updated by tomorrow morning. The main correction is that you do NOT need to LogOff before clicking “the " Send It Now button” to eMail your videos.

Great support here and I appreciated it.

Regards - Jim