CS3 AS2 UIScrollBar + Clipart problems

The component itself works perfectly. I can create a scrollbox and the scrollbar and everything works perfectly…
except that it somehow partially disables my other codes. I’m trying to create a small database in flash where I can store stuff and to quickly find what I’m looking for I made a Input Text field and added a code so that you could search for a keyframe label and then it would jump to that keyframe.
The scrollbox disables the search function, although only partially! The code of the button with the search code looks like this:

on (keyPress “<Enter>”) {

search is the name of the Input Text. That code suddenly stops working when I use the scrollbar component. BUT! This one oddly works:

on (release) {

which means the scrollbar component somehow disables the Enter button! Weird. I know I should be content with at least the clicking working, but I’d really love to have a search where you can just simply press Enter for it to go to that keyframe.
Well, the problem didn’t end there.
When I try to delete the scrollbar and everything that made the search stop working, the enter button still won’t work, even when I deleted all the faulty keyframes where I added the scrollbars! So I have to begin again from scratch to make it work.

A scrollbox would really help me get more text into a keyframe, so I’d love to have it there. If someone can help me get this work, I’d be happy :slight_smile:

Oh, and I tried creating my own scrollbar. It works great, too, and it doesn’t disable the search code. The problem is, that I made the scrollbox into a movie clip, and I need many scrollboxes with different texts, and I’d really hate to create a new scrollbox from scratch each time I need one with different text. Plus, I’ll probably need 100+ scrollboxes so it’d take a while to make that many.
Anyone know how you can duplicate a movie clip and then edit the duplicate without the original being edited? That annoys the hell out of me and I’d really love to be able to just duplicate my self-made scrollbox and edit the text on each one, because right now when I edit the text on the duplicate box it also edits it on the original one :confused:
Thanks in advance - hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on my problems.