-CS3- Having trouble with resizing boxes

'Morning guys,

I’ve got a box I drew in actionscript, and I setup a stage resizer to resize the box when the stage’s size changes. This all works like I wanted it to.

The problem is, when you resize, there is a ghost image left behind of the line’s old version when it is redrawn.

Any ideas? :shifty:

Thanks, people.

oh, and here’s my source (twix is the name of the box):

var resized:Object = new Object();
resized.onResize = function() {
	twix._x = (Stage.width/2)-twix._width/2;
	twix._y = (Stage.height/2)-twix._height/2;
	updateAfterEvent();    //I tried this to update the screen
	twix._visible=true;     // this too.
Stage.align = "TL";
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";