CS3 primer - some general questions about CS3

All my work up to this point has been Flash MX, I currently into a project that was done in CS3 and I also have flash CS3 now. The project folder seems to broken out into several folders, I was looking for a brief overview of what each folder is.

com - this folder has many .as script files
org - this has several other folders like papervision, alivepdf, ascollada
id.app - this has several folders in it all ending with .lproj extenstion like en.lproj, fr.lproj and one swf file. Are these language foldrs?

There is also a css, fonts, resources and js folders; I kind of get what these are.

So, are all these folders generated when you start new cs3 project?

Sorry if these questions seem rudimentary but I gotta start somewhere=)