[CS4 AS2] Really really newbie question- sorry! Referencing attached clip

I apologize in advance for how much of a noob question this probably is!

Using attachMovie, I’ve attached a movie from my library to a clip already on the stage - great, that worked, wonderful.

centerpoint.attachMovie(“making_mc”, “making_mcattached”, 22);

Now I want to refer to a movie clip inside of this attached movie clip from the main timeline. How do I go about doing that? I feel as though I’ve tried every combination of centerpoint.making_mcattached.back etc. etc. (back is the name of the mc inside of my attached movie clip). What terribly obvious thing am I missing this time or am I really just going about this whole thing completely wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated- since I really am very new to all of this I would really like to learn and unfortunately I’m not having much luck trying to figure this out on google or by trial and error.

Thank you!