CS4 ProgressBar component help needed!

Hello. I have searched everywhere for the issue I am having but with no result. Here is my situation:

  1. I have a main “flash.fla” file
  2. Within the timeline of “flash.fla” I have multiple frames that stop();
    [INDENT]a. Within each of these frames I have placed an instance of the CS4 ‘Loader’ component. I then named each instance with its own name.
    b. For this example we will call one of the Loader component instance name “dvgpics”
    [/INDENT]3. In the component inspector of “dvgpics” loader I then set the ‘contentPath’ to dvg_pics.swf which is an external .swf file in the same directory as flash.swf.
  3. When I play my main movie flash.swf everything works great and dvg_pics.swf is displayed inside my dvgpics loader component. So my issue?..
  4. I now want a loading bar to display the progress of dvg_pics.swf so users know that something is actually happening and they know some content will be displayed eventually. I don’t care if it’s the generic CS4 ‘ProgressBar’ component. I just want something displayed!

Question 1:
Where do I place the ‘ProgressBar’ component? Does it go in the dvg_pics.fla or in the frame within flash.fla that has the ‘dvgpics’ loader component?

Question 2:
After dragging an instance of the ProgressBar component into the frame that has the dvgpics loader component I give the new instance a name. In the component inspector for the new progressbar what do I put for the ‘source’ for this new progressbar? And yes, I have made sure that the mode is set to ‘polled’.
[INDENT]a. I have done all this. I have set the progressbar source to dvgpics which is my loader component instance name. The progress bar is still not visible!!! WHAT am I doing wrong?! I know the dvg_pics.swf is loading because if I wait long enough it will show up.
[/INDENT]PLEASE help me set the generic CS4 ProgressBar component up correctly and to get this ■■■■ thing to display!