{CS5} <<Help For Zooming And Pan With Mouse Move>> {Urgent PLZ}

Hi Dear Friends :slight_smile:
I’m Using A Code For Make Something Zoom And Automatically Drag With Mouse Move In Reverse Direction!
I Want To Change These:
1- I’m Using Click To Zooming In And Out! I Wanna Use The “z” Key!
[SUB][COLOR=#ff0000]Note: I’m Using This Code But Not Gonna Worked!!![/COLOR]

[FONT=courier new][COLOR=#0000ff]onClipEvent /COLOR {
[INDENT][COLOR=#0000ff]if /COLOR
[INDENT=2][COLOR=#a9a9a9]//Doing The Zoom Process[/COLOR]
2-This Code Uses All Stage Width And Height For Mouse Move Calculation And Moving The Zoomed Object In Reverse Direction! I Want To Change It And Make Limitation Like:

[FONT=courier new]Zoom (Multiple,Left,Top);[/FONT] {e.g. [FONT=courier new]Zoom(7,100,154)[/FONT];}

The File Is Here! :slight_smile: It’s Pure Urgent And Thanks For Helping :wink: