CSI :: Lanparty

Now I realize that most of you arent from the Birmingham Alabama area, but someone very important to this board is, so I figure it’s ok to plug it here. If not just take it off…my feelings wont be hurt too badly.

CSI :: FragFest 5 Mission Alpha will go down October 12-13 at Westlake Mall in Bessemer, AL. Kickass games, buffet-style food and drinks, advanced gaming machines for rent/purchase, projection of gameplay and movies, tournaments, and cool door prizes.

For more LAN Party info, go to CSI :: Lanparty Page

Yeah, but that doesn’t give you the permission to publicize on this board…esp something that is not relevant to 99% of the posters :slight_smile:

Anyway, too bad I’m too lazy to lug around my comp to lan parties…and my game skills are horrible lol!

Kirupa :bandit: