CSS: Changing line height of wrapped lines

I’m attaching a GIF so people can see what I’m referring to. When a line is long enough that it is forced to wrap, I want to indent the 2nd line (the one that is being wrapped), and I’d like to alter the leading of that second line so that it is pulled closer to the first line. The only thing that works for me (in IE only but with funky leading between wrapped text and next list item) is to use superscript on the 2nd line (enclosed by span tags):

span.indentWrap {
    margin-left: 57px; /* indent text */
    vertical-align: super; 

The attached GIF shows how things look currently (#1) and how I would like things to look (#2).

Example HTML code:

<a href="" target="_blank">20 10 13&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Common Materials and Methods for Facility <span class="indentWrap">Services-Fire Suppression, Plumbing and HVAC</span></a><br>

I guess my question is - is this even doable?