[CSS] column of images making spaces between?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to float a column of images that I sliced from photoshop using CSS, however there is a small 10px gap or so between each even though I don’t have one specified. I’ve tried playing with the height but nothing seemed to help.

You can see it here: www.ludnix.com it’s the navigation on the left.

the HTML for the navigation is so:

<div class="navigation">
    <img src="/images/navigation/images/top.gif">
    <img src="/images/navigation/images/home.gif">
    <img src="/images/navigation/images/learn.gif">
    <img src="/images/navigation/images/articles.gif">
    <img src="/images/navigation/images/links.gif">

and the CSS:

[COLOR=Blue] top[/COLOR]: 80px;
[COLOR=Blue] left[/COLOR]: 0px;
[COLOR=Blue] float[/COLOR]: left;
[COLOR=Blue] position[/COLOR]: fixed;
[COLOR=Blue] width[/COLOR]: 140px;
[COLOR=Blue] height[/COLOR]: 491px;
[COLOR=Blue] background-color[/COLOR]: #000;

try adding this:

li a
height: 1%;

to cure the stupid IE spacing problem… its what cured my ailment, thanks to simp :thumb: