[CSS] Creating ACTIVE states

Alright let me explain a little bit…

I have a site, with a header, sidebar main content area and footer

The header and sidebar are both included with PERL depending on which page determines which sidebar to include as it changes across the site

Now, What I would like to achieve is to have ACTIVE states, ie, when someone clicks a link from the sidebar, it then changes to ACTIVE to compliment the page it is displaying.

I found a solution, and it had me add id=“blahblah” into my <a href> tags in my unorderd list, as well as adding id=“blahbleehblooh” to my <body> tags. and then i create the proper styling to make the list item appear differently.

However, my <body> tag is within my header include, which is one file used for every page on the site, so I can’t give each page an individual id.

That, if you are paying attention, is the problem.

Any ideas that don’t involve JS or some form of server side kludgy work around???