CSS drop-down menu - Fix for IE

Hi all,

I need someone to fix 2 problems with my CSS drop-down menu. Problem 1 occurs in IE only. Problem 2 every browser.

  1. Drop-down menu does not function for IE and i’ve tried so many links to figure this out but can’t. Figure someone here that knows their CSS can do it fairly quick. The entire menu is done, just need that workaround for IE.

  2. The drop-down menu for ‘Services’ does not work good. The bounding box doesnt create a box and work like the others.[URL=“http://www.ebenoit.com/image_work/image_work_2.html”]

*Note - all the css for the drop-down menu is in the head for now

Down to the money - I have got $10.81 left in my Paypal account - You fix both problems its yours

Once I test & if working Ill paypal it over.

Im think this could be quick if you know your CSS and have gone down this road before.

! This needs to remain an all CSS menu !

CSS Guru’s come forward.