Hi All,

I’ve noticed lately far too many sites, where IE, Firefox, and Safari seem to do what the hell they like with the current trend of right hand menu/ blog style sites, so I thought I might post this in an attempt to give my quick fix on the situation (this may not be applicable to all your problems. I’m not frikkin god after all).

check out http://kbn.esherido.com/ as an example…(-:

sorry esherido, but your page here was the straw that broke the camels back mate…

This isn’t a difficult one to grasp, but it’s just a little tip that might make things clear to a lot of people about why this works (for me at least)…

In CSS, whether you’re making a menu float left or right, shouldn’t matter really. whatever you tell to float, will float.


the item to floated doesn’t fit into the spcae you want it to go into. Then it’ll overflow. And probably sit wherever the hell it wants to below your main site.

Simple fix is this!:beam:

in your CSS simply make your VERY FIRST line

* {


The main reason for this, is that all browsers generally nowadays understand the rules of CSS and XHTML. But the problem here is that they all generalise about default values for things such as margins and padding. Another biggie is line hieght/spacing changing between (FF/IE) & SAFARI. BR’s/ LI’s tend to be double space (wtf) in safari, but appear fine in the other two, occasionally making your page WAY too long, and menu’s looking ridik…

Apologies to anyone already in the ASTERISK club, but I’ve been trawling forums and blogs all day looking for silverlight info, and I’m getting CSS’ed right off… :slight_smile: