CSS Help IE & Mozilla

I just recently jumped on css band wagon and it’s awesome. The only thing is dealing with all the compatibilty issues between browsers. In Mozilla based browsers this page http://carryonthefallenhearts.sh5.net/learn.htm looks fine but in IE it has a few kinks. Any one mind helping me out here just a bit. IM thebasicflaw

:ear: OK, I don’t know if this will work, but I’ve spent countless hours reading forums, researching and assides lacking sleep, I have not been sucessful identifying the problems in a website I am trying to get going in CSS to work in anything other than IE. Can someone help? Link of site is www.dresch.org/web/cascademailing/default.asp
and the supporting css files are
(main:) www.dresch.org/web/cascademailing/assets/css/cmv2Home.css and
(sub:) www.dresch.org/web/cascademailing/assets/css/cmv2CreditCards.css
Looks perfect in IE but doesn’t even display in Mozilla or firefox. HELP???

Thanks all/any/anyone…

Eh… don’t jack the thread make a new one.