CSS Hight Question

Okay, I have created an all CSS website,
Using DIV tags I have created a menu located on the left, but I want in to stretch to the bottom, which I wasnt able to do it.

#menu {
 background-color: #CCCCCC;

the rest of the CSS is at: [u][size=1][color=#0000ff]


i remember seeing some hints on this… there are a few tutorials if you google ‘CSS + 100% height’. NB sometimes the effect is buggy, so check a range of browsers… OR you could also mimic the same effect by using a 2 colour bg image to give the impression of a left-hand nav column in a different colour


Doesn’t work easily. Need to make the

body {

You need to have it’s parent container be 100% for it to work so if it’s a div inside a div it needs to be 100% too. Anyway, you make it body will need to be 100%

If you want a bg in it, it’s simple

background:url(bg.gif) repeat;

This code gets ugly on browsers other than IE

useful site:


Awsome guys thanks,
I did that

body {height:100%}
#menu {height: 100%} <- The navigation<THE p works!< it and navigation, right>

well it works funky… it makes longer… but not all the way… any idea?