"CSS is the new wave" , "hop on"

Yea, This new medium is replacing java and DHTML in a new way.
I really like it.

from snoono.com
Some wonderfully designed CSS sites. enjoy!

Excessive Style - great fresh design. if CSSVault can link it, so can we!
You Grow Girl - wow. need I say more?!
Designdojo - one of the greatest designs you’ll find out there!
Pixeltable - bringing standards to the broad masses!
Weblog Wannabe - nominated at the 2004 weblog awards!
Hivelogic - just too smart…
Tinderhouse (design agency with style!
Yellowlane - Josh Williams’ private side!
Adaptive Path - O_O
Firewheel Design - Josh Williams’ business side!
The Daily Flight - nice design, great content!
Coudal Partners - the father of jewelbox!
Binary Bonsai - love the design!
Kryzcom - nicely implemented simplicity!
Kopfblog - ooo
Sideshow - lovely design!
"Twinsparc - yet another great design firm!
Jeff Croft - nice wallpaper!!
Styrofirm - looking too **** sweet!
Wildly Sophisticated Media - wildly great design!
Twothirty - design co.
Lambertin & Grotegerd - design co.!
Dirk Hesse - simple and smart!
Hicksdesign - quite lovely!
Clip-n-seal - simple squared!
Subtraction - as featured on CSSVault. amazing.