CSS on form fields

The question I have here involves the Drop-down menus available for html forms. I am simulating software for a training program that utilizes Drop-down menus. I am wondering, other then using a combination of JavaScript/CSS/HTML (which I am currently doing and its very time consuming and messy) is there a way to style an HTML forms drop-down menu so as to look the way I want it to.

Basically I am mocking software that runs on a Windows 2000 system, the training simulator however will be run on a windows XP system, and using traditional form fields would not be a good idea as it wouldn’t be how the software looks.

Any suggestions or hints?

Just to let you all know I am aware that you can style form text fields, but what about drop-down menus, radio buttons etc?

Nevermind I have discovered that you cannot affect the way the <select> appears other then the background color and border etc.