Css problem, looks different

hi, there, i have a problem for my css. wish anyone who knows could help me out or guide me, would very appreciate!!!thanks in advance.

is like this i am making a website for myself using css and html, i just started using css and html, i dunno much about it .

my problem is: why when i look into my browser (my own computer), it looks perfect, which is what i want. but when i use my fren computer to see it, it looks so aweful =.="""
i m so frustrated about it T_T"

so i try to change and change like change the font size, add height, width etc. so when it is looks good in my fren browser, my browser bcome different. =.="

my fren browser is explorer and firefox,window platform
my browser is safari and firefox, mac platform

here is the example i put in my ftp:
www.nanaku4design.com/example/diary.html (the link for the page)
www.nanaku4design.com/example/example.gif (when it looks in my computer it looks like this, which is perfect one)
www.nanaku4design.com/example/css/base.css (the css looks like this)


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