CSS problem

Having problems with a page. Its here (link).
The Specific problem is with the centre div. Here’s the css for it (in main.css):

div.contentnews {position: relative; top: -300px; width: 500px; height: 300px; border: solid 1px #000000; background-color: #FFFFFF; padding: 3px;}

And here’s the html (in index.htm):

<div class=“contentnews”>
<p><b><u>Latest News - 2005</u></b></p>
<p><b>15/9/2005</b> - Dita attends a film premier</p>
<p><b>2/9/2005</b> - Dita’s new book, Burlesque and the Art of Teese, is due for release on 14/2/2006. Pre-order it on Amazon (<a href=“http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0060591676/qid%3D1126971258/202-1331365-2011001” target="_blank">link</a>)
or find out more about it (<a href=“http://www.harpercollins.com/global_scripts/product_catalog/preorder_xml.asp?isbn=0060591676” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>23/8/2005</b> - The short film “The Secret Death of Salvador Dali”, which Dita co-stars in, will be shown at the following film festivals: Temecula Valley Film Festival - Temecula, California, USA - 14th-22nd September,
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival - Birmingham, Alabama, USA - 23rd-25th of September (<a href=“http://www.sidewalkfest.com/” target="_blank">link</a>), New Orleans Film Festival - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - 6th-13th October (<a href=“http://www.neworleansfilmfest.com/” target="_blank">link</a>)
and the Mill Valley Film Festival - California, USA - 6th-16th October</p>
<p><b>23/8/2005</b> - September’s issue of Vanity Fair is at newsagents now. Dita has a four paged article called “One Glove at a Time” (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200509-VanityFair.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>26/7/2005</b> - Dita is featured in this August’s Allure magazine, photographed by Janet Beller in a four page article entitled “Retro Sexual” (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200508-allure.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>3/7/2005</b> - Dita is listed as the 22nd most beautiful woman in the world in Harper’s & Queen’s July issue. The 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World story was put together by 1000 people chosen from the worlds of media,
fashion, the arts, science and beauty (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200505-harpersandqueenmb.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>30/6/2005</b> - Dita performs for Nathan Browning’s birthday celebration at the Setai Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA (<a href=“http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?nbc1=1&navtyp=CAL====129718&ym=200507” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>18/6/2005</b> - Dita performs in W.I.P’s new music video, “Waiting For a Girl Like You”</p>
<p><b>18/6/2005</b> - Dita is featured in Jalouse (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200506-Jalouse.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>), Citizen K (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200508-citizenk.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>),
and Numero (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200503-numero.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>) in full length fashion stories</p>
<p><b>6/6/2005</b> - Dita is the fashion correspondent as the Paris, France couture shows for British Elle. She will attend until the 9th of July (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200404-elle.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>?/6/2005</b> - DIta takes part in the “Three Way” party in New York City, for Virgin Mobile</p>
<p><b>11/5/2005</b> - Dita performed in Agent Provocateur’s Asian debut in Hong Kong</p>
<p><b>21/5/2005</b> - Dita performs at the Life Show in Vienna. The show is an AIDS/HIV charity event and is funded mainly by Elton John</p>
<p><b>4/4/2005</b> - DIta is named the 2nd best dressed woman, in the world, in Harper and Collins May 2005 issue (<a href=“http://www.dita.net/pressimages/200504-harpers.jpg” target="_blank">link</a>)</p>
<p><b>?/4/2005</b> - Dita is invited to a special event for Playboy in Belgrad, Serbia</p>

For some reason, the div doesnt show up as 600px in height, as defined in the css. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is firefox btw. In IE the div resizes for the text automatically.