Hey guys!

I’ve run into something here…

I have an object (MC), with this code:

_currentframe=random(20 );

pretty simple right? Now why does it start on frame 1 anyway??

Shouldn’t it work?

It just won’t…

_currentframe is a read-only property. You can’t set the current frame with it, you can just access it. Why don’t you use gotoAndPlay? :stuck_out_tongue: [SIZE=1]I hope this is for the game…[/SIZE] =)


Gawd… Of course…

thanks Pom… my mind isn’t really working well today… :crazy:

This suits you better: :+)

oh yeah? Howcome? :slight_smile:

Dunno. Just a feeling. That’s how I feel when my mind’s playing tricks with me… :+) :crazy: (-:

Hehe! :slight_smile:
Did ya hear? We’re gonna get a whole new section on with photoshop tutes! :stuck_out_tongue:

And GUESS who’s gonna make some of’em! :slight_smile:

Are we? No I didn’t hear about that. That’s freakin’ awesome man!! Get crazy, man :crazy: oups, I meant :+)