Curvy text along the path of a curvy line

Hi friends !

For the homepage I’m currently working on, there is a curved line that runs across the left side of the page. I would like the company name to follow the curve of the line. This is where I’m stuck !

Any help greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


Ok,… I’ve done this, and in flash 4 to boot.

I’m not possative on the menu choices anymore so bear with me.

1)Take the text (hopefuly the company name is not too long.) Place it in the possition that it is supposed to be in, on the line you want it to follow.

2)Break it apart, then group each letter individualy.

3)Create a guide layer. (It’s the little light blue create frame icon right next to the regular create frame icon.)
Once you have the layer, use the line tool to draw a line alone the path you want the letters to follow.

4)Create enough normal layers for each letter to have it’s own, and make them subject to the guide layer. (write back if you don’t know how to do that.)

5)Copy/Cut/PasteInPlace, each of the letters in their own layer, then choose, “create motion tween” for each layer/letter.
Here is a tricky part, and I don’t know how to do it in flash 4.0… you have to look for a menu item that lets you alter the center of an object. You want the center of each letter to be at the bottem of the letter. This center point is not really a center of the object, but a pivot point for the object in rotation, scaling, and when following a guide layer.

  1. Create a new keyframe on each layer at frame 50, (except the guide layer… that one, just create a regular frame)

7)The letters if they were close enough to the guide line, should have snapped to it automaticaly. If not, select the first frame of each letter’s layer, and move the letter towards the guide line. It should snap to that line… (if it does not, something is wrong and likely the guild line is not working correctly.)

:cool: Now select a keyframe at the end of the animation, for each letter, taking each one and placing it on the timeline where you want it to end up. (once again, it should snap naturally to the line, if it doesn’t, something is not working right.)

I’ve got one of these somewhere, If you need my fla to look at, post an email address for me and I’ll send it out.