Custom _xmouse coordinates using parabola

Hi, i was trying to print out the readings for custom _xmouse coordinates as the mouse moves. I succeeded in manipulating xmouse coordinate readings with two points, but now i am trying to manipulate it through 4 points! I tried using a parabola calculation as the numbers get bigger and bigger as they get further from 0, x[FONT=&quot]². I’m beginning to think that i’ll have to add a different calculation after the mouse passes each point now, like an IF statement if _xmouse goes to 30, then start multiplying a different number, until it reaches 60 etc. Check out the image below, i’ll post the swf if you want, i’ve tried lots of different transformations etc, nothing goes through my 4 custom points: 0, 30, 60, 90. I can make it go through two points, 0, and another number, but never more than 2. Please help me break this buggers knee caps! :fight: