Custom Context Menu not showing up


I have set a custom context menu in a .swf, and I can see it normally when previewing it on flash (Test Movie).

However, when I see it on my browser, I can’t see the custom options (only the reduced context menu with settings and about macromedia…)

On my first frame I have an actions layer with this (context + loader):

root_cm = new ContextMenu();
root_cm.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(“Add to Favourites”, itemHandler1))
root_cm.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(“send e-mail”, itemHandler2));
function itemHandler1(obj:Object, item:ContextMenuItem) {
getURL(“javascript:window.external.AddFavorite(location.href, document.title);”);
function itemHandler2(obj:Object, item:ContextMenuItem) {
getUrl(“mailto:[email protected]”, “_parent”);
} = root_cm;

bytes_loaded = Math.round(this.getBytesLoaded());
bytes_total = Math.round(this.getBytesTotal());
getPercent = bytes_loaded/bytes_total;
this.loadBar._width = getPercent307;
this.loadText = Math.round(getPercent
if (bytes_loaded == bytes_total) {
[color=slategray][size=1](corrected the mailto command)[/size][/color]

which setting may be wrong so that it won’t work ?