Custom cursor on certain movieclip

K, I’m sure it’s gotta be easy but my attempts are failing… could be since it’s monday end of day and i’m fried. Anyway, I have some movieclips (face1,face2, etc) acting as buttons. I also have a custom cursor with an up state, and a down state. I’d like to have the default cursor remain in use for the entire movie except for when a user interacts with the “face” movieclips.
Anyone got an example? Or an idea? I’d post what I had but I’ve been chopping it up so much it wouldn’t even be relevant.
Thanks :beer:

eh, here’s my code anywho…all it’s doing at this point is replacing the default cursor for everything:

startDrag ("cursor_mc", true);
_root.onMouseDown = function(){

_root.onMouseUp = function(){