Custom cursors

:slight_smile: does anyone know how do make a cursor like the one at cause i can’t figure it at all, aprreciate the help if anyone can…! thanks :rambo:

This should achieve the basic follow the mouse business however there is some random motion which that site is using which is an added effect which is not included in this code. Try the accompanying this code with the tutorial on random motion on this site.

onClipEvent(mouseMove){ = _root._xmouse; = _root._ymouse;

Hope this helps


The spring effect is done with PHYSICS! That is right…PHYSICS!

There is a tutorial on how to create Elasticity in elements…

What is even better is that the first flash movie on the page is what you want to achieve =)

They just apply it to brackets and use an extra onrollover effect for the button (not sure how this is done, but it probably just specifying the coords of each bracket in actionscript)

Oops, I didn’t notice that the effect in Kirupas tutorial is only for Flash 5. Being you posted this in the Flash MX column, you won’t be able to achieve this yet. Only with Flash 5 so far. Sorry for misleading you, if you want to learn elasticity that is a good link anyways.

ok thanks 4 the help i shud b able to sort it now…thanks alot :slight_smile: