Custom easing on some objects

If you look at and attempt to resize the window, you can see the music tab at the top right and the poles on the bottom right both move as you resize the window. Now I have the movie clip tweening extension from installed. The following code I use to keep the elements movie like that is as follows:
function onResize() {
pole._x = originalWidth + (Stage.width - originalWidth) - pole._width;
pole._y = originalHeight + (Stage.height - originalHeight) - pole._height;
mPlayer._x = originalWidth + (Stage.width - originalWidth) - mPlayer._width;
navbar._x = originalWidth + (Stage.width - originalWidth) - navbar._width;
contentbg.contentbg1._xscale = Stage.width;
contentbg.contentbg2._xscale = Stage.width;
contentbg._y = Stage.height / 2;

Now I want to include some of those easing tweens on the pole MC and the mPlayer MC, but I have no idea how to add those in. So far to incorporate the AS file, I added:

#include “”

to the top of the AS, but thats the extent I know of working with extensions.

I know this a somewhat popular extension, so could somebody maybe give me an example with one of the tweens built into what I have already. If thats not possible, any other help would be great.